Please read the terms and conditions before booking a photo shoot.

The Al'vi team creates photo-paintings, performs complex artistic shooting and organizes staged photo sessions. A whole team works on creating photos. Please do not compare this format in the price category or in the household category with a normal photo session taken in half an hour by one photographer in a nearby Park.

We don't take photos:

  • people in ordinary clothes on the street;

  • people without an image and without any organized idea;

  • banquets, corporate events, concerts, weddings, children's parties, etc.;

  • in ready-made Studio photo zones.


A team is working on creating an idea and implementing it, which is interested in achieving maximum results during the shooting process.

Prepayment of 50% of the total cost of the project is a guarantee of the seriousness of your intentions, on the basis of which the team begins to develop the idea and organize the shooting process. If you refuse to shoot during the preparation process, the prepayment will not be refunded due to the organizational work carried out.

Organizational work includes:


  • finding an idea and developing a mudboard;

  • choosing a costume and props (creating it);

  • organization of transfer to the fitting, to the make-up artist, to the shooting location;

  • transportation of props;

  • location selection and rental;

  • animal rentals;

  • coordination of the date and time between all participants of the shooting process.

The remaining 50% is transferred to the organizer on the day of the shooting.

The description and cost of services per person. When the number of people involved in a photo session increases, the cost of shooting and the time of the organizational process increases by the number of people.


AlVi's team stands for animal rights. We only work with trusted breeders, kennels and farms that take care of animals properly. We do not work with circuses and zoos, and we categorically refuse to work with such organizations. The time of shooting is specified taking into account the comfort of a particular animal rented for shooting. All animals are healthy, vaccinated and do not pose a threat to human health.


It is not possible to transfer the source material without processing.
the Alvi team Selects photos for processing. First, all unsuccessful frames are filtered out (marriage, lack of clarity, closed eyes when blinking), then the best ones are selected from all successful frames that go into processing. The best photos are selected based on several criteria: composition, angle, no interference, black and white drawing, correct pose. 

The delivery time of the finished material to the customer is carried out within 4-6 weeks, depending on the volume of the material and the level of complexity. We put the project in a queue and allocate time in such a way that we complete the task with complete immersion and dedication and work out all the details. Working with the status "urgent" is definitely reflected on the quality of performance and make the discomfort in the process, we can't let that happen.

Publication of the finished material using additional filters is prohibited. Artistic processing is an author's work and its creation is a painstaking creative process. By applying filters or additional processing, you negate the work of the author and create a misconception about the work of the Studio. The transfer of material for use by third parties for commercial purposes is prohibited. Otherwise, we will require you to remove the material from the source of use and will be forced to refuse the services provided to you the next time you contact us.

Storage of materials. A personal project page is created on the Alexi Studio website, where photos are stored for at least 1 year. The page is accessed via an internal link using a password that only you know.

When ordering a photo session in Alvi, you agree with the author's style of processing, which excludes any edits. If you are not satisfied with the final result, we will be ready to offer a different processing option, in which each new work will be valued at 2000 rubles.

Work with the status "urgent!" and/or" photos needed yesterday/today/tomorrow " is not possible and is not considered.

The author has the right to use the finished works in photo contests, exhibitions, and in his portfolio. The privacy of the photo is discussed before shooting. Work on the terms of confidentiality + 100% to the total cost of shooting.

We are always ready to implement your ideas within the framework of adequacy.